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IT Remote Support

Managing Data effectively is an important factor as far as an organization is considered. It needs broad and profound IT expertise. With the budding new technologies and hardware becoming more refined, data maintenance in offices has become tougher for many organizations. Sourcing out some of the IT services is an effective solution to help the organization focus on achieving their operational targets. Remote Support is highly recommended for any organization wanting to manage their IT professionally.

In recent years, as systems become more and more complex, maintaining the service level is becoming more tedious with the data management. It makes a serious impact on the security concerns across the industries. Hence, the companies with outsourced IT services experience good customer satisfaction when it comes to the service levels, provided the service provider is well experienced and innovative like CSI Network Services.

Remote IT support with CSI Network Services

The remote Support provided by CSI Network Services provides the solution to fix and find a remedy for your systems remotely while keeping your sensitive data behind your firewall. We also offer the remote support for computer network set up, software and hardware updates, taking antivirus updates and much more. We have the access to troubleshooting options using advanced software tools and with never-ending services, we provide the clients with the unsurpassed level of IT Remote support.

With our remote support services, all the monitoring and support is managed remotely and it does mean that an onsite management is not needed which is actually an extra overhead to you. Our remote connection is totally safe and secure, so your data is safe with you always.

From a one-off incident fix for your PC or server through to a comprehensive support agreement (SLA), with 24X7 remote monitoring and specialist advice , we have a support option that will meet any need.

Our Strength

Keeping in line with the industry ethics, our team of experts will be there to address your concerns always. Our team is well experienced and reliable where they can rectify your problems fast and accurate without hampering the productivity.  We can troubleshoot and find the remedy for any issues related with data backup, data recovery and archiving.


Standardizing servers and processes translate into lower costs through economies of scale.

Simplifying and vitalizing server environments can:

  • Enable business growth.
  • Help your business operate more sustainably.
  • Improve your bottom line.

What we do for efficient desktop computer Management?

  • We ensure safety of your severs by carefully setting up the security in the beginning and by conducting periodic audits.
  • We regularly update the OS and installed software to keep your servers tuned up.
  • We optimize your servers for maximum productivity.
  • We protect the servers from spam and viruses by installing the corresponding software.
  • We care about the data stored on servers so we perform backup and data recovery if needed.
  • We thoroughly analyze the market to provide our customers with the most efficient product and technologies.
  • We know your servers’ strength and weakness; hence we analyze their performance and conduct stress tests.
  • AD, Exchange Server installation, maintenance, and migration
  • Network and Firewall installation and management
  • Physical to virtual conversion


With CSI Network Services managing your servers, workstations and networks you can be assured of:

  • 24 hour monitoring of servers or ad-hoc server admin support
  • Local telephone number
  • Remote support by Phone, Teams.
  • Remote access to the system using, SSH, RDP or services like TeamViewer.
  • Support start within one hour of request
  • Support hours as per the clients’ convenience; business or non-business hours.
  • Ad-hoc or Regular server management
  • Emergency support for services that are down, hacking, virus attacks, malware inclusion etc.
  • Wide range of Server supports including Windows, Linux, VMWare, BSD, MySQL database and MSSQL Database servers.
  • Server Support Services includes – Server Optimization and Migration, Server Administration and Restore, Initial Server Configuration, Kernel Upgrade, Security patches.
  • Server security and vulnerability scanning services supporting MCAFee Secure, Acunetix, Godaddy website security.
  • PCI DSS Compliance services supporting SecurityMetrix, Verisign TrustSeal

Boost the user experience

The services we provide are highly flexible, allowing us to resolve and find solutions in a flexible way, satisfying all types of users. Some of the key features that the users find highly satisfying are:

  • Our support engineers can fix problems in multi-computing platforms such as Windows, Linux, MAC, IOS and Android.
  • With the remote support we keep an eye on the agents of their actions, so you have an audit for the actions they have performed. Security is no more a concern for you, your data is secured with you always.
  • As a leader in the IT infrastructure solutions, we can meet the client deadlines and requirements in detail. Our proven strategies make sure that each concern is addressed aptly and on time. We offer services in other realms of IT sectors as well including Desktop Support.

    If your organization needs a remote IT support, contact us now for a hassle-free experience. We are happy to assist in designing and implementing a well-planned support solution for your organization.